Kaya Fest 2017

If you can’t make it to Thursdays 420 events, Saturdays Kaya Fest should definitely be something to consider. The Marley brothers Julian, Ziggy, Stephen, Damian and Ky Mani will all be back on stage together for the first time in Miami in 20+ Years. The festival line up also includes Sean Paul, Lauryn Hill, Yaadcore & many more. What makes this festival  even better is that it comes with a message. The message of “Education before Recreation”. Now that Medical Cannabis was recently legalized in the state of Florida. Although we are a bit early in the actual process to full legalization and distribution, It’s definitely the time to educate the public. Because once it is legalized it will help our city grow! Like it did for California and Colorado’s Billion dollar Medical Cannabis industry. Kaya Fest will also be hosting a free conference on April 21st discussing the many health benefits of Cannabis. Tickets to the festival start at $80 to purchase ticket click HERE.

Sat 4/22 @ 1pm Bayfront Park Amphitheater, Miami, FL

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