Men’s Summer 2017 Looks

It’s no doubt that tie dye hasn’t been this popular again since the 70’s. This summer its all about color & what better way then tie dye. I personally have never been a fan of tie dye, My concerns with the look (which I’m sure many of us can agree) were the color combination of the tie dye or it looking too D.I.Y-ISH. (I love me a d.i.y but isn’t the point for it to not look like a d.i.y?) At last! I was lucky enough to find this amazing tie dye t-shirt while thrifting one day. I finally found a color combo that I really enjoyed & appreciated the art of the tie dye. Now that I have found the perfect one, I personally like pairing it with black jeans or shorts. *The dark contrast against the t-shirt allows for the t-shirt to shine in all it’s colorful glory.*



Two words distressed denim! The key this summer is the color of the wash. A lighter denim wash gives the look a more laid back casual vibe. The more distressed the better it is, its all about that vintage worn look this summer! Pair your denim with your favorite graphic tee or even a tank top, like I did for this look above. I chose a tank top because it’s a million degrees outside lately in south florida and I refuse to give up layering! Lol! So I chose to layer the tank top with a thrifted Airforce shirt that I distressed and even cropped the sleeves and added a patch I bought during my last trip to New York. *Customizing and editing your pieces lets you uniquely express yourself and show your individuality.*



Nothing says summer 2017 more then pastels and white. It is clear that we have embraced the pastel color palette. From colors like blush pinks, mint, sky blue and even dusty orange tones. This summer it’s safe to say it’s all about the hints of pastel. In this look I paired my pastel color choice with my favorite white on white leather chucks, A baseball shirt, embroidered dad hat and a grey wash jean to tie it all together. *Try using basic colors like white, black and grey to help tie in your look and give you a fresh clean look.*




1: Always be yourself, personalize your look + pieces.

2: If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.

3: Less is always more.

4: Lean towards classic pieces, trends fade, class is forever.







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