Gypsy Space Boy couldn’t describe me any better, unless I were to add “crazy” to it! I figured my followers would find out sooner or later. It all began over my passion for fashion, arts, travel , and all the little finer things in life.

To break it down, The “Gypsy” in me will write about my endless crave for exploring new places from my favorite restaurants to my travels. “Space” is the part of me that recognizes my spiritual being & appreciates all the small things life has to offer… As far as the human part of me is concerned,”Boy” will write about material things, social topics and all that extra good stuff! All of this with just the sole purpose to simply share my favorite places, life tips, and all the things I love that make me Gypsy Space Boy with all of you out there reading! And with that being said,┬ádream big star people!